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Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Today we are a society that prefers virtual interactions to physical ones. Any free minute we get, we constantly look down in to our phones hoping to find something more interesting and exciting. But with every passing moment our excitement diminishes since the content we feed ourselves do not satisfy us as it did the previous time we consumed it.

If until a certain point of time it was television that was the most preferred medium of entertainment, now it has shifted to social media. Children, before they even touch their teenage are constantly engaging on social media. Information on anything under the sun is freely available on the Internet and it is a tough task to keep a tab on what we find there. Simply scrolling through your feed on any of these social media accounts will feed you with thousands of content, which may not necessarily fall under your area of interest. Most of the content online is created, to market a brand, sell an idea, or propagate an agenda. While scrolling through social media for entertainment or simply to kill time, we consume a great deal of dirt. Dirt, which we don’t realise pollutes our minds and stuffs it up with unnecessary and sometimes even harmful data.

This data tends to push you towards focusing on superficial and stereotypical ideas. They construct false standards of looks, happiness, love and lifestyle. Instead of focusing on what is in here (within us) we are coerced to look for the unattainable, non-existent, falsely created sense of what more is out there.

They tend to build and fuel our complexes, insecurities and our sense inferiority, all to sell an idea.

If social media is our go to for entertainment and if your children are consuming what is on it for entertainment, we need to see content and concepts that uplifts people, that teaches us to be aware individuals, that allows us to be ourselves and promotes openness, that helps us identify and encourage art, passion, knowledge, consciousness, love and inner beauty.

We have put in a great deal of thought towards what our brand should represent. Conscious Circle aims at producing content that will not only generate excitement in the audience but in turn will also help raise the collective consciousness. Together we could build a network of digital system that encourages free sharing of knowledge, resource and skillsets.

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