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Updated: Nov 25, 2019

What does physical fitness mean to us? Do we understand the essence of fitness anymore? When we think of fitness or a fit body we tend to associate it working out in the gym, pumping muscles, developing abs, working gym equipment, when fundamentally what we should work towards, is learning how to move like how a human is supposed to move. Our lifestyle has gotten too ahead of us that we are desperately playing catch up with it. Fitness comes with wellbeing; your body, mind and soul should feel wholesome. But hardly anybody feels that way in today’s world because we have forgotten our roots where movement was a part of our culture, our daily routine. This is a major problem, rooted in the growing disconnection from our physicality.

And sadly the word of the so-called “professionals” in the field is to stick to your gym routines! These routines give you a false sense of strength because it does enable you to do deadlifts, weights, bench press etc, but one is unable to do day-to-day functions with ease and agility. Our ancestors worked with nature, ploughed soil, played in dirt, crawled, climbed trees, walked for hours to reach destinations, and this kept them fit and well balanced both physically and mentally, without the support or need for any external fitness routine. These activities were so functional it kept them prepared for any real world obstacles because they aided in developing agility, speed, malleability or adaptability to environmental conditions, and neuroplasticity, among other significant variables.

It is high time we realized the importance of natural, functional movements, that not only makes our body feel fit but at the same time keep our strong alert and prepared to take on obstacles. Fortunately for us, we see a rise in some real world superheroes who are trying to combine the traditional methods of natural movement and the functionality of contemporary lifestyle to bring forth new techniques of movement based fitness.

One such hero pioneering the Movement Culture is, Ido Portal. This master of Traditional Martial arts was never satisfied with simply developing the physic without seeing the big picture of how movement can transform our lives. He travelled extensively and learnt with teachers from Osteopaths, Manual Therapists, Professional Dancers, Yogis, Circus Performers and fighters.

He was so obsessed with movement that he decided to incorporate all that he had learnt from the each of the art forms and fused it in to one movement culture. Ido Portal movement is now taught in any countries around the globe. World famous Mixed Martial Artist and boxer, Conor McGregor uses Ido Portal Movement method of training.

A relatively newer organization transforming fitness is Cure.Fit, founded by Deepak Poduval and Rishabh Telang, originated in Bengaluru, but is now a widespread chain, nationally and internationally. They are reconditioning the way we perceive fitness. Gyms have become a thing of the past. People are now looking for much more functional ways of training and keeping fit. At Cure.Fit, there are multiple techniques of movement and fitness

based training programs. One such program that gained immense popularity is “Dance Fitness”.

Dancing should easily be one of the most fun and effective ways of getting fit! It focuses on complex yet functional movements that enhance our speed, agility, flexibility, stamina and strength. Apart from dancing, they have sessions for Yoga, Strength and conditioning, TRX to name a few.

Eating healthy and happy food, indulging in soulful music with lyrics that radiate good vibes, creating art, be it in any form the human mind perceives it in, taking ample time for oneself to learn, unlearn and grow; but is there any meaning to any of what you accomplish if you do not have the physical health to enjoy its benefits?

As much as you nourish your soul, it is equally important to keep your body active and fit to be able to experience human life in its greatest potential.

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