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"BlissJunkies are people whose ultimate goal in life is to find bliss.

They live life to the fullest and don’t let the monotony get them down.

Stay Addicted to bliss.


BLISSJUNKIES was one of our early projects which was launched as an experiment to understand the current and future scope of a physical store and an e-commerce website working as complementary businesses. The company was divided in to a total of three BETA phases with a theme attributed to each phase to determine possibilities of growth.

About the team

BLISSJUNKIES was a team of Makers, Thinkers, Explorers and Creators who believe in building the right associations to create an eco-system that enables start-ups realise their true potential. We are a bunch of youngsters who feel that we can be a catalyst in building a harmonious community.

We experiment on various trends, concepts and themes to enhance the possibility to transform and re-invent.


BLISSJUNKIES is an experimental company that was launched on the 15th of August, 2015, aimed at crafting and developing a harmonious community. As a part of the experiment, BLISSJUNKIES GROUP has launched three different ventures - BLISSJUNKIES.COM, BLISSJUNKIES- THE STARTUP STORE AND THE HAPPY COMPANY, and became the holding company powering various subsidiary businesses. At present, the company is experiencing rapid proliferation with regards to its experimental enterprises and initiatives. Constantly keeping up with the dynamics of daily changing narrative, BLISSJUNKIES has made its mark on creative lifestyle. With each experiment, we set out to challenge culture and drive it forward.


The Steel Tongue Drum, a rare musical instrument sold on BLISSJUNKIES.COM

BLISSJUNKIES.COM is an online platform created by BLISSJUNKIES carefully curates initiatives and theme based partnerships with start-ups and brands across the country.


The StartUp Store is a re-inventing Brick and Mortar Retail Concept founded on December 15th 2015 which draws similarities with the working of an E-commerce website. Being the first of its kind, The StartUp Store aims to create a Retail Renaissance. Transactional storytelling and open source playground for innovation are the unique features of the store.

The Sticker collection at BLISSJUNKIES- The StartUp Store

Since The StartUp Store is an experimental venture, its functioning has been fragmented in to three different BETA stages. A “BETA” is the testing phase of any newly devised product, service or an app. We applied the same concept to an entire physical store. Hence, The StartUp Store is a soft launch of a new Brick and Mortar Concept created by BLISSJUNKIES.

First Phase of BETA:

The StartUp Store launched its First Phase of BETA was launched on the 15th of August 2015. The theme used during this phase was "Start Up". During this period, BLISSJUNKIES focussed its resources on the development of the start-up community by merging ideas, innovation and inventiveness.

Second Phase of BETA

BLISSJUNKIES launched the second phase of BETA on the 28th of August 2016 will position its resources and focus, towards understanding the higher purposes of company advancement. During this period, The StartUp Store will follow a model of theme based hosting which will change every 2 to 5 months and each start-up will be hosted for a period of 30 to 60 days keeping the store fresh in its look and feel.

“Hippie Spirits” is the brand new theme under the 2nd Phase.


The theme “Hippie Spirits” is symbol of Love, Happiness and Free Thinking. "A Hippie is not only somebody who dresses unconventionally or rejects traditions. A hippie is somebody who thinks free, who is not afraid of being themselves, someone who is true and most of all spreads complete love to everyone and everything they are in contact with; A soulful person with no mental boundaries and barriers"- BLISSJUNKIES BLISSJUNKIES aims to be a space where people can be completely free of reticence and inhibitions to become a Hippie in its true essence. A space utilised to capacitate individuals to rise above constraints and realise who they truly are. Dedicated to all the happy people, ideas and products where interactions help you question the higher purposes of life. The space that resonates love!

Acknowledge the “Hippie Spirit” in you, be a BLISSJUNKIE.

The "Hippie Spirits" collection at BLISSJUNKIES- The StartUp Store

Third Phase of BETA

The third phase of BETA was launched on the 3 rd Phase of BETA, the theme of which being "Create". Without any labels, definitions, tags, to simply create; create through experimentation.

Anybody who wished to create something and leave a mark, a legacy behind, was welcome to experiment. Artists, creators, inventors, entrepreneurs, aspirant individuals or groups,

anybody interested in creating something new, could become a part of the team.

During this phase BLISSJUNKIES introduced various unique products to their retail and online stores along with exciting new concepts in collaboration with driven individuals.

CREATE AND BE A BLISSJUNKIE! The experimental company BLISSJUNKIES did exceedingly well and was concluded as the company prepares to materialise bigger and better ideas.

P.S. BLISSJUNKIES- The StartUp Store and BLISSJUNKIES.COM are currently not functional.

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