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Conscious circle is a Full-Cycle design agency. We specialize in visual packaging of NFT and Crypto Projects. Get a design that will add value to your project and make your project standout among others

Let's Go

1.                 Web XR

Interactive. Efficient. Innovative.

Give your business a touch of Extended Reality with our immersive technological solutions, designed to provide your customers cutting-edge AR and VR accessibilities. 

Benefits of WebXR:

  • Quick: Instant deployment to all XR platforms with a WebXR enabled browser

  • Future experiences: Your experience would continue working on new AR and VR hardware without needing new code.

  • An Array Of Experiences: An experience can choose to target both VR and AR, handheld and head-mounted devices with a single release. 

  • Immediate Access: No app stores or large downloads are required. Your users will get instant access to the experience without needing to leave your website.



2.               3D Web Solutions

Go above and beyond your community’s expectations with our 3D web design services. Develop, render, design and produce three-dimensional graphics for your website.


Benefits of 3D Web Solutions:

  • Visual Engagement: Add 3D web designs such as animation, videos, 360-degree videos, 3D product models, and more to bring your product or website to life.

  • VR Integration: You could enhance the experience by adding 3D designs made specifically for virtual reality (VR) headset use.

  • Impactful: 3D web solutions are imaginative and also enable easy response to viewers.


3.       AR Filters

Amp up your brand’s social media platforms with creative Spark AR filters - a fun way to build your community.  

We design original AR effects for Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and other portals; suited to your brand vision and goals. 


Benefits of Spark AR Filters  - 


  • Interactive - Activate interaction and self-expression with the users to build brand identity 

  • Better Engagement - Increased interaction and more attention of the users towards the brand

  • Fun & Quirky - Building recall value among customers to connect and remember your brand through fun, entertaining filters they can use with friends and family. 


4.       Mindfully Designed Merch

Bespoke merchandise to further your brand value and create a positive association with users. Mindfully designed merchandise from stationery, apparel, storage boxes and gaming equipment - communicate your brand’s vision effectively with premium quality merchandise.


   Benefits Of Merch:


  • Premium Quality - We build premium quality merchandise, customized to your brand’s needs that leave a positive lasting impression on users. 

  • Customization - Personalized merchandise for your users help increase customer loyalty and instant brand recognition. 


5.           AR Print Media